Monday, April 4, 2016

Baseball Mogul 2016: Bug Reports

We're currently working on the first patch for Baseball Mogul 2016, which should be available later this week. There haven't been any serious problems reported, but we'd like to address a few issues:

1) The updated rosters include a player called Pete O'Brien that died in 1937.

2) Injury levels are generally too low for the modern era. The number of trips to the disabled list has increased steadily over the last 50 years. There is a bug in how Baseball Mogul uses this data, causing injury rates to be about 40% too low. You can fix this yourself by with the following changes in the League Editor:
  1. Set "Injury Frequency" to +60%.
  2. Set "Injury Severity" to +20%.
3) We are fixing some bugs with the expansion draft.

4) Some of the help files need to be updated.

5) We would like to build a version that runs on Windows XP. (Windows XP is currently listed as not supported, but we still have customers who would like to play Baseball Mogul 2016 on XP).

If you find any other problems that need to be addressed, please send me an email at



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