Sunday, April 3, 2016

Baseball Mogul 2016: Bringing The Dead Back To Life

It turns out that the updated rosters for Baseball Mogul 2016 included a player that died in 1937. (This happened because the Pete O'Brien who played 8 games for the Diamondbacks last year is listed as "obriepe01" at Baseball-Reference but as "obriepe04" at the Baseball Databank.)

Pete O'Brien
1890 Chicago Colts
Pete O'Brien
2015 Diamondbacks
(Not Dead)
A patch for this should be available this week. But if you'd like to fix it yourself (and learn a bit about how the roster files work) you can follow these steps:
  1. Go into Baseball Mogul and choose 'Open Baseball Mogul Folder' from the Help Menu.
  2. Go into the 'Input' folder, and then into the 'Players' folder.
  3. Edit the file called "2016-Rosters.csv", changing "o'bripe01" to "o'bripe04".
Now, you'll need to rebuild the main database  a file called "Universe.dat" that is loaded whenever you start a new game and choose "Modern".

Note: You will probably want to turn on the feature in Windows that lets you see (and edit) the 3-letter filename extensions.
  1. Start Baseball Mogul.
  2. Click 'Classic' and choose '2016' in the dropdown box. Then click 'Play'.
  3. It will chug for a few minutes and then show you the screen where you pick a team. Pick any team and click 'Play'.
  4. After the game setup finishes, choose 'Save...' from the Game Menu and save the game as 'Universe'.
  5. Go back out to the Baseball Mogul folder ('Open Baseball Mogul Folder' from the Help Menu).
  6. Find the existing "Universe" file ("Universe.dat") and rename it to "Universe.bkp".
  7. Find the game you just saved ("Universe.mog") and rename it to "Universe.dat".
The next time you start a 'Modern' game, it will load your new file.

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