Thursday, July 16, 2015

Baseball Mogul Goes To Korea!

Three years ago, we were approached by a Korean game company called Neowiz that wanted to license Baseball Mogul for an online game they were building. Neowiz' development team grew up playing Baseball Mogul, and we were at the top of their list of companies to work with.

(Baseball Mogul's Korean popularity didn't come as a complete surprise — we have known for 10 years that about 4-in-10 of the sites driving traffic to are based in Korea.)

The game is called 야구의신 (pronounced "yagui sin") which translates as "God of Baseball" (a decent approximation of "Baseball Mogul"). Alas, you can't play it unless you can read Korean. But there is this cool trailer:

... and these screenshots:


This has been both good and bad news for Baseball Mogul. The bad news is that I've been busy flying back and forth to Seoul, giving me less time to improve the game.

The good news is that we earned enough money to make it possible for me to work full-time on Baseball Mogul instead of trying to juggle multiple projects (such as Football Mogul and Masters of the Gridiron).

I'm sorry that I haven't been able to talk about this until now, but the entire project was covered by an NDA. Now you know why I've been distracted for the last four years. I'm happy to have this project out the door, and happy to be working full-time on Baseball Mogul 2016.


Joe from Spenceport said...

I, for one, greatly appreciate the time and effort put into this wonderful baseball simulation. Baseball Mogul is the type of game I wish was around when I was a kid; a truly superb game and highly addictive. Clay, I can't thank you enough.

Neil said...

Hello...I lived in Korea for 6+ years and I love Korean baseball. Where Can I get a copy of 야구의신??

Hammerpgh said...

Great story. Shows how well respected your simulation is so well done to you and those who help you.

Curiositatum said...

Nice blogg you have