Friday, January 23, 2015

Baseball Mogul Diamond: The "Skip" Button

Baseball Mogul gives you multiple ways to manage players in the last year of their contract (including those eligible for arbitration). The easiest way is to select "Expiring Contracts" in the Sortable Stats Dialog (on the Team Menu):

Then open the player's Scouting Report and click the "Negotiate" button:

However, if you still have expiring contracts at the end of the season, the game will force you to sign or release each of your players. This is frustrating, because you have to decide (for example) whether to sign Jon Lester before you know how much Felix Doubront is going to ask for in arbitration.

So ... we are adding a "Skip" button for Baseball Mogul Diamond.

It's a small feature, but for folks (like me) who wait until the end of the year to deal with expiring contracts, it makes it easier to keep your best players and still stay within your payroll budget.


Rich Lane said...

Absolutely brilliant Clay....even more realistic than before, love seeing all the new additions and adjustments to the game...i think it will make it better!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, that IS a big fix, Clay.
Will make contract signing time much more humane and organized. Thank you.

Andy Faletti

Unknown said...

Excellent, needed feature.

Anonymous said...

VERY important feature! Really looking forward to this edition with all of the hopefull additions I've read about so far.

Manny said...

It'll be great for online leagues if were was a way to skip to a specific team as well as this. Since online league files have all 30 teams under human control, if you are a team toward the end of the list, the resignings can be annoying.

Unknown said...

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