Monday, August 26, 2013

Football Mogul 2014 Sneak Peak

Football Mogul 2014 will be released on Wednesday, September 4th.

Leading up to that launch, here's a quick look at the updated Scouting Report in the game:

Depending on when you last played Football Mogul, you'll notice some new stats:

Tgt: "Targets" (the number of times this player was targeted with a pass).
YAC: "Yards After Catch" (average yards gained after catch per reception)
1st: "Receiving First Downs"

For the first time, we are now using this data to fine tune our ratings. For example, the ratio of Targets to Receptions affects each receiver's "Hands" rating, and Yards After Catch tells us something about a player's "Power" (the ability to push through defenders and break tackles). Ridley might be a rising star as a power running back, but his mediocre Hands rating reflects the fact that he hasn't proved himself as a receiver and still has problems coughing up the football.

And, of course, we track these new stats during each simulated game, so that you can see how many times each player is being thrown to, how good they are at getting the first down, etc.

This is the Scouting Report for Cam Newton:

Not much has changed for QBs, except that we now show Rushing Touchdowns, and we've added some shading to the Scouting Report to make the stat columns easier to read. (You might also notice that we now have more than 1,100 player photos).

Unlike previous years, we've also spent weeks hand-editing ratings for more than 1,000 players. That's the starting offense and defense for every team, plus another 300 backups and special teams guys. And we put the same effort into creating accurate rosters, including every single player in the 2013 draft and complete pre-season rosters for every team.

For fans of historical seasons (from 1970 to 2012), we found and fixed thousands of errors in our historical data. So you can now play the 1985 Bears or the 1998 Broncos knowing that you have the deepest and most accurate stats available.

Thanks for reading!


Jugster said...

The main thing for me will be to see whether the game engine works properly, which it certainly didn't in the 2011/2 edition. If it does, then I will definitely buy the new version. Also, please update the colour scheme, this one is (a) ghastly and (b) the 1990s.

SirWilliamPD said...

I agree 100% with Jugster.

I am a huge fan of Baseball Mogul and would love to finally be able to be happy I bought football mogul. FM has always just seemed to me like something you do with your time when you're not working on BM. There's no depth to it like BM.

Clay Dreslough said...

The good news is that Football Mogul is taking very little of my time thanks to Connor doing most of the work.

Scott said...

Clay, I've been playing both of your games since 99. I am a huge fan of your work, dedication, and honor. Much respect on BM 14 and looking forward to FM 14 as well. Keep on keeping on brotha!

Anonymous said...

I second that. Football Mogul is a great game!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I have bought both football mogul and baseball mogul in the past, and am intrigued with the new football mogul edition. Looking at the scouting report posted for stevan ridley, the new "target" stat shows him with 3 receptions in 2011 but he was not targeted. Is that 3 tip drill receptions, or how would this stat be explained? what am I missing here?


Anonymous said...

Big fan of FM...Played 13 till my fingers went numb. Before I make this purchase of 14, I'm wondering if a few things have been addressed.

1) Will the stats start to fall apart after multiple franchise seasons? After a few years in FM13, there were instances where an entire year would be missing from a player's career stats, even though they clearly played. For example, Flacco's 2020 year was listed as a college freshman year even though he threw for 4000+ with the Ravens.

2) Can I relocate a franchise without all the team logos moving down/up one slot and making the game unrecognizable? If a team changes divisions, the game has a heart attack. Forget about making an expansion team.

3) Please tell me the Draft logic is fixed. I refuse to buy the game unless I know Pittsburgh won't use Round 1 thru 4 on a Guard, year after year after year, regardless of need at other positions. Having to edit rosters to remove overloaded positions from EVERY team is exhausting.

The game in the past is great besides a few buggy issues. A little expensive IMO, considering it isn't as deep as BMogul...but I'd still buy it.

Anonymous said...

Oh and I also agree with Jugster...The game could use a menu facelift in general...I understand it's a text game and not needs to be clear and readable but I just feel like there's little imagination being put into updated editions from an aesthetic point of view.

Anonymous said...

Good game but its rather annoying playing and then suddenly the ball goes to the other team. Another weird error I had the other day was at the start of the 2nd half, I had the ball inside the 20 yard line and then scored but the touchdown was awarded to the other team??? And then the third quarter restarted with the touchdown awarded to other team! Just some of the weird things that happen from time-to-time in this game.

Anonymous said...

I don't why they don't allow the user to accept/decline penalties. Its pretty stupid to automatically replay a down when the option should clearly be there. One of the most basic aspects of any American football game.