Saturday, February 9, 2013

Baseball Mogul 2014: New Uniforms

A very cool feature this year is new animations for the batter and pitcher. I realize that Baseball Mogul isn't about cutting-edge graphics. But it was pretty annoying that every single batter and pitcher was a white guy with bad posture and a dark blue helmet.

Old Animations
In case you were wondering, the old batter animation (and pitcher animation) was me. Filmed in my backyard, with a giant green tarp used as a green screen. There was snow on the ground.

So, this year features a new animation system, with the ability to change uniform colors and skin colors.

Examples of New Animations
The cool thing is that this feature is being added by an artist and another programmer, with very little effort on my part. So I get to keep working on the meat of the game.


Anonymous said...

My first BM experience was back in '07.I downloaded the demo and and laughed at the funny looking hitter graphics.They weren't bad looking but the fact that they were all exactly the same was a bit of a turn off.That all changed as i got deeper into a PBP game.The gameplay was so insanely fun and addictive that the hitter models didn't bug me anymore,although the addition of skin and team colors is an update i've been wanting for a long time.I may have to give this years version a try.

Dee at Sports Mogul said...

"Funny looking hitter graphics". :) LOL! Not many people know this, but that's Clay, the game designer/programmer/president/do-everything guy. We made a green screen in the back yard out of a plastic tarp and he wore a fantasy camp uniform. So yeah..the anim looks like a guy who programs computers for a living trying to bat. ;)