Saturday, January 7, 2012

Changing Team Names (Miami Marlins)

Some people have been asking how to change the 'Florida Marlins' to the 'Miami Marlins' for the 2012 season in Baseball Mogul.
  1. On the League Menu, choose 'League Editor'.
  2. If it asks if you would like to turn on 'Commissioner Mode', click 'Yes'.
  3. In the upper left, select the 'Florida Marlins'.
  4. In the edit box, change 'Florida' to 'Miami'.
  5. Change 'FLA' to 'MIA'.
  6. Click 'Done'.
If you want a team logo that says 'Miami', here's one we created using the correct color scheme:

Copy this to the 'Logos' folder, which will be here by default:

C:\Sports Mogul\Baseball Mogul 2012\Skins\Digital\Logos

As you have already changed the team abbreviation to 'MIA', that logo file will be used automatically.

You can also find your own logo(s) online, as we don't have the rights to include the real MLB logos.

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