Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cliff Lee For MVP?

Photo by aturkus on flickr
Cliff Lee is now 14-2 for an Indians team that has won only 45 games. Lee has over 31% of his team's wins.

The last pitcher to finish the season with more than 30% of his team's wins was Fergie Jenkins, winning 25 games for the 1974 Texas Rangers. And Jenkins pitched in a 4-man rotation, allowing him to get 41 starts.

In other words, no pitcher has ever done what Cliff Lee is doing: winning 30% of his team's games while pitching in a 5-man rotation.

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reader said...

Pitching wins as your sole stat in an argument for a pitcher as MVP really doesn't get the job done.
Mariano Rivera has been more of an MVP than Lee, and we haven't even mentioned hitters like Alex Rodriguez or Josh Hamilton.